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We offer a wide range of home, office, and car locksmith services. Day or night, skilled technicians can fix your broken keys or craft replacement keys as needed. Whether you are locked out of your car or home, we will be able to serve you. We carry the most technologically advanced and sophisticated locksmiths tools and equipment. Innovative equipment is used so that technicians can service your needs with the utmost accuracy and efficiently.

We install and repair all major lock brands! droppedImage_2

Peter Gelberg Said:

TIMELY RESPONSE:  Panicking and worried for my dog, I immediately looked on yelp and FIRST KEY LOCKSMITH’s top rating instantly caught my eye!  You know how it is, the last thing you need at this moment is to pick the wrong locksmith.  Well, they picked-up my call right away and when I told him my situation and that my battery was about to die, he guaranteed me that he would have one of his dispatch guys contact me before my battery died.  In a minute, I got a call from their locksmith specialist JOHN.  He not only made it to my doorstep quicker than I could in the cab, but was waiting at my doorstep ready to get to work.

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